Theme: “The future never just happened, it was created” Dr. Mae Jemison

This year’s theme is our individual and communal commitment to building the future we want to see. From academic achievements to career plans, from business goals to group economics, from personal dreams to collective greatness. Let’s be intentional about how we love ourselves and others, nurture and share our gifts, and connect within our Umoja Community so that we leave a legacy that will impact the world for generations to come. We look forward to your workshops and content ideas that will support this commitment to our future.

The Umoja XVII Conference is currently accepting proposals for workshops that further Umoja’s mission of enhancing the cultural and educational experiences of African American and other students. We seek proposals that motivate, inspire, provide insight and resources for students to deepen their development individually, academically, and professionally.

Proposal submissions may only be submitted via the online submission form.


Become an integral part of the Umoja XVII Conference. The success of this Umoja Community Education Foundation annual event relies on you and organizations such as yours to provide the platform for insightful and empowering discussions and collaboration between students, counselors, educators, and community members. We welcome proposals from Umoja Scholars, Coordinators, Faculty, and Community members at large.

Umoja serves:

  • As a leader in providing equity-focused training for students, faculty, and staff across California and beyond.
  • As a program for under-resourced students to achieve their dreams of higher education attainment.
  • As a partner with other institutions to provide a defined academic pathway for students to transfer from community college to four-year institutions.

Conference Details

  • Date: November 4 - 6, 2021
  • Location: Virtually
  • Expected Conference Attendees: 600+

Conference Goals:

  • Community Building/ Communal Intelligence: In Umoja, we are unified by our intelligence and seek opportunities to fellowship through scholarship. At the conference, we will cultivate and harvest the intellectual, social, and cultural capital within our Umoja Community as students, practitioners, and community members lead critical conversations and indabas (workshops)

  • Acceleration: The African proverb reads that “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” In Umoja, we are seeking new ideas and methods that will allow us to go farther and faster, together. At the conference, we will examine ways to positively impact student success in their college and dream careers.

  • Intentional and Deliberate: “In Umoja we deeply value intentional and deliberate purposefulness.” The theme of this year’s conference encourages us to take an active role in constructing our future. Every aspect of our conference, including discussions around student activism, career pathways, data storytelling, and identity, intentionally connects to our theme as we take a deliberate hand in crafting our future.

  • Tapping African American Intellectual, Spiritual and Artistic Voices: In Umoja, we practice the fine art of reaching back to retrieve ideas and foundations gifted by diverse thinkers, leaders, and artists of the African diaspora, and fusing them with new ideas that will grow our foundations and move us forward. We know this fine art as Sankofa, and we’ll refer to it as we map out our future.

Session format: The presenter can determine the presentation format; however, we encourage you to choose a presentation that engages and educates the participants. As you create your session content, consider the 8 Effective Practices for Creating Engaging and Inclusive Workshops/Indabas. We are accepting proposals in the following format:

  • 60-minutes interactive workshops. Bring on the evidence-based findings and the transformational programming ideas! The 60 minutes interactive workshop should be layered with engagement and information, and the content should have key takeaways that participants can apply to their own context and setting.
  • 15-30 minutes Critical Idea Talks. Critically examine and deliberate on pathways to emancipatory education. Share your findings in a brief yet powerful and creative presentation that inspires and transforms.

Umoja Conference Digital Time Capsule Submissions

The Umoja Conference Digital Time Capsule collection will be shared throughout the conference. Sharing our experiences and stories is important because it allows us to magnify what is important, impactful, and excellent. Your submission of storytelling, narratives, and demonstrations through a visual presentation should engage, connect, and spark curiosity for conference participants. Reflect. Dream. Share what this year’s theme means to and for you. How has being part of the Umoja community changed and impact your future academic, civic, and career choices?

Handouts: You will provide digital copies of any handouts and/or presentations to the Umoja Office for posting on the Umoja Conference Event site. Presenter material is due by Friday, October 29, 2021

Fee: There will be no honorarium or reimbursement for the presentation. The selected presenters will receive a discounted registration rate. All presenters must register for the conference. We encourage you to register now.

Important Dates

Call for Proposal September 20, 2021
Proposal Submission Deadline October 13, 2021
Digital Time Capsule Video Submission Deadline October 13, 2021

Notification of Status (Proposal and Digital Time Capsule Videos) 

October 18, 2021
Presenter Acceptance and Email Confirmation October 22, 2021
Final Proposal Presentation Submission Deadline October 29, 2021

Questions: For questions regarding the proposal submission process, please contact Dr. Trelisa Glazatov