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Friday, July 15, 2022 - 5:00pm

Student Leadership Summit | Thursday, August 4-6, 2022  |  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

We are excited to convene, engage, and organize our student leaders to make great contributions to their local programs and the broader campus environment for African American students this coming academic year. The summit will provide historically and culturally grounded leadership training. Umoja student leaders will also be featured prominently in next year's Umoja events and receive ongoing training provided by Umoja throughout the year. This year's summit will be held at the sunny University of California, Santa Barbara!

This is a free event for Umoja student leaders on our affiliate campuses. Registration will include room and food. Students with an interest in attending should contact their campus coordinator.

Event Highlights 

  • Guest Speaker from UCSB 68's - This event took place on October 14, 1968, in what is now called Malcolm X Hall. This hall was taken over by 12 Black UCSB students to bring attention to issues involving the typical black student and to create change at the university.
  • Guest Speaker Dr. Jeffery Stewart - Jeffrey C. Stewart is a professor of Black Studies at UC Santa Barbara, since 2007 when he was hired as Chair of the Department of Black Studies, a position he served until 2016. During his tenure as chair, he advanced a number of on-campus projects, including the North Hall 1968 Takeover Display, which opened in 2015, and Jeffrey’s Jazz Coffeehouse, which opened in 2016, an immersive pop-up jazz experience in Isla Vista to accompany his course, The History of Jazz.
  • Beach Bonfire with UCSB student volunteers 
  • Professional Attire - Swag Bags
  • Prize Raffle - VR Headset and other technology 
  • Event DJ 
  • By building student leadership through advocacy, students will learn how to connect with campus administrators to request the needs of Black students. 


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