What's Upcoming:

The core of Umoja's mission is to enhance the cultural and educational experience of African, African American, and other underserved students. Our community consists of educators and learners committed to the academic success, personal growth, and self-actualization of our students. This commitment manifests through a variety of conferences, institutes, and webinars.

Our events engage more than 2,500 students, faculty, and staff each year. Our annual events include:

  • Umoja Winter Retreat: Umoja practitioners and partners gather to discuss best practices, campus trends, and curriculum updates.
  • Symposia: The annual Symposia are annual events hosted in Northern and Southern California each March. The event provides space for Umoja students, practitioners and partners to have a dialogue about student development, community building, and matriculation.
  • Umoja Summer Learning Institute (SLI): The SLI brings together Umoja practitioners from across the state of California to reinvigorate and re-engage them in the Umoja principles of practices. This week-long event supports the Umoja mission to enhance the cultural and educational future of African American and other students. This event takes place each June.
  • Umoja Student Leadership Summit (SLS): The SLS empowers student leaders to further develop personally and academically. The event features student-centered presentations and engages students in skill development that results in campus and community impact. This event takes place each August.
  • Umoja Annual Conference: Our annual conference is a two-day event that brings over 1,000 attendees. This event takes place each November.

As Umoja grows, we are continuously identifying ways to advance our mission through collaboration with campus and community partners. Click our upcoming events to learn how you or your institution can help us make an impact in the lives of students across California and Washington.