Welcome to Southwestern College


Our mission is to increase the number of African-American students transferring to four-year colleges and universities! We thrive to assist Umoja Scholars to gain a better understanding of their identity in order to foster a stronger sense of navigating through higher education in the pursuit of college transfer achievement and lifelong success! 

Umoja is a year-long learning community that focuses on university transfer and the African American experience. A learning community is a link of two or more classes that assist you with your college and transfer success. This is a ONE YEAR Commitment! The two linked classes for fall semester are English 115 paired with Personal Development 100. Followed up with English 116 paired with Personal Development 114 during the spring semester.

Benefits to Students

  •  Make lifelong friends
  •  Learn in a supportive environment
  •  Are recognized as leaders and scholars
  •  Visit college campuses
  •  Succeed academically
  •  Gain appreciation for one’s cultural identity
  •  Explore issues minority students face in college
  •  Explore and learn more about the African-American experience
  •  Priority Counseling
  •  Participate in culturally-enriching activities
  •  Make university contacts
  •  Learn strategies for success in college and in life
  •  Priority Registration
  •  Caring Scholars and Professors
  •  Create a successful transfer plan
  •  Become part of the college community

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Upcoming Events

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Our Location

900 Otay Lakes Rd, Chula Vista, CA 91910
Dr. Louis Wright (Umoja Counselor, Coordinator, and Instructor)
619-421-6700 ext 5240
Office Location: 
Building 61-A (Housed within the Learning Communities Hub)
Region 6