We are seeking sponsorships and partnerships for upcoming events:

We are seeking sponsorships for the following events:

  • 2023 Umoja Winter Retreat: Umoja practitioners and partners gather to discuss best practices, campus trends, and curriculum updates.
  • 2022 Umoja Summer Learning Institute (SLI): The SLI brings together Umoja practitioners from across the state of California to reinvigorate and re-engage them in the Umoja principles of practices. This week-long event supports the Umoja mission to enhance the cultural and educational future of African Americans and other students. This event takes place each June.
  • 2022 Umoja Student Leadership Summit (SLS): The SLS empowers student leaders to further develop personally and academically. The event features student-centered presentations and engages students in skill development that results in campus and community impact. This event takes place each August.
  • 2022 Umoja Annual Conference: Our annual conference is a two-day event that brings over 1,000 attendees. This event takes place each November.


  • Learn more bout the Umoja Summer Institutes and Academies: https://umojacommunity.org/summer-institutes