Ehsam Kazimi


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Ehsam Kazimi is a seasoned finance and accounting professional boasting over 13 years of distinguished expertise across both national and international organizational landscapes. His comprehensive grasp of finance and accounting principles underscores his exemplary leadership and managerial acumen in overseeing the financial operations of multifaceted endeavors, encompassing government and non-government funding initiatives.

Throughout his career, Ehsam has been pivotal in managing budgets exceeding $70 million, a testament to his adept navigation of complex financial terrains with precision and efficacy. His proficiency extends seamlessly across government and non-government sectors, where he has skillfully orchestrated fiscal aspects of multifaceted initiatives, ensuring optimal resource utilization while upholding stringent compliance standards.

Ehsam's commitment to excellence is mirrored in his academic pursuits. Armed with a Bachelor's degree in Business from Afghanistan, he has laid a robust foundation in financial principles. Currently pursuing an additional Bachelor's degree in the United States, he exemplifies an unwavering dedication to continuous learning and professional advancement.

Driven by a dedication to integrity, transparency, and fiscal responsibility, Ehsam is poised to leverage his expertise in advancing the organization's mission and vision. His focus on enhancing financial processes and facilitating informed decision-making is instrumental in propelling Umoja's continued success and impact.