Nia J. Bush


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Nia J. Bush is a Regional Coordinator for Region 6 of the Umoja Community Education Foundation.

Nia is a dedicated advocate, educator, and scholar, born and raised in San Bernardino, CA. Having earned a Juris Doctorate from UC Irvine School of Law in 2021, Nia possesses a strong legal foundation that fuels her dedication to promoting justice and equality. Additionally, graduating from Spelman College in 2017, laid the groundwork for her interdisciplinary approach to education and research. 

As a Mellon Mays Research Fellow, Nia has delved deep into Philosophy and Comparative Women's Studies, presenting research both domestically and abroad. With a commitment to sharing knowledge, Nia served as a Lecturer at Cal State Los Angeles, where she engaged students on topics crucial to the fabric of society, including the Constitution, federal government, and racial inequality. Nia's passion for teaching extends beyond the classroom, striving to empower students with critical thinking skills to address pressing issues facing our communities. 

Nia's multifaceted background, blending legal expertise, scholarly research, and teaching experience, underscores their dedication to effecting positive change. Her endeavors exemplify a tireless commitment to promoting equity and challenging societal norms for a more just and inclusive future. 

Nia joined the Umoja team in 2023.