“California Community Colleges Guided Pathways are designed to provide all California community colleges with the opportunity to implement Guided Pathways, this reform effort is supported by $150 million in one-time funds and is designed to increase student completion and close achievement gaps.”(California Chancellor’s Office, 2017)

This self-guided toolkit will give Umoja practitioners the opportunity to gain knowledge in how Guide Pathways are being planned and implemented at various colleges, direct access to various statewide resources, and exploration in how the Umoja programs can be active, engaged, informed participants in the process.  

How is this resource organized? 

The Umoja Community Foundation team has curated State resources that we believe to be most beneficial in gaining a baseline understanding of Guided Pathways.  We have organized the content into several areas and have also included a discussion forum for Umoja practitioners to further engage with the community.  You can access the topic areas by clicking the links below or using the course navigation on the left side (Modules and Discussions)

Top Things to Know About Guided Pathways

State Guided Pathways Resources

What about the Money? - Funding Implications

Tangible Next Steps - How to engage in the process on your campus

What does Umoja bring to the table

Guided Practices Discussion Forum

How do I participate in the Discussions?

While the majority of the content is publicly available, in order to participate in the discussions you must have a https://canvas.instructure.com account and join this course as a participant. This account is separate from your College's Canvas instance and account.  Joining is free.

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