Umoja's reach extends far beyond the borders of California. For nearly a decade, our impact has been felt in the lives of students in the state of Washington.

This journey has been characterized by a commitment to academic excellence, community engagement, and fostering a supportive environment for students. As we continue to broaden our horizons, the shared dedication of Umoja resonates, creating a positive ripple effect in the educational journeys of students beyond California.

We look forward to the continued growth of our Umoja community, celebrating the collective achievements and the lasting impact we make on students' lives in the state of Washington and beyond. Together, we shape futures and empower students to reach new heights of success.

Here are the campuses in the state of Washington that have active Umoja programs:

  • Bellevue College
  • Highline College
  • Seattle Central College

To learn more about opportunities to transform students' lives through Umoja, e-mail