The Umoja Community Education Foundation is committed to ensuring that students are our highest priority. Our team of dedicated staff, coordinators, faculty, and administrators aim to promote student success for all students. We take a holistic approach in our efforts to meet the needs of all students. We accomplish our goals through a commitment to our mission, vision, and strategic initiatives.

  • Touching the Spirit (We operationalize a holistic approach to reach each student—Body, Mind, and Spirit)
  • Building Community (We  work to create environments that encourage students to be accountable to each other’s learning)
  • Connections to the African Diaspora (We work to expand students' cultural awareness of the Diaspora and articulating their place in that experience)
  • Ethic of Love (We express compassion and care in the learning community)
  • Culturally Relevant Pedagogy and Practices (We develop curriculum that is relevant to the students’ lives for learning)
  • Ritual (We engage in cultural practices rooted in African traditions to strengthen the community and the people within the community)

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